PSC Chhattisgarh Prelims - Sociology Syllabus

Updated on: Apr 2, 2013
The syllabus of Sociology of PSC Chhattisgarh Prelim Exam is given in this section.

Meaning, Nature, Scope, and Importance
  • Primary concepts-society, community, association. Institution. status and role, social structure
  • Social organization , norms and values
  • Crowd, audience and public
  • Social Stratification- Race, varna, Caste, Class

Social institutions
Family, marriage, kindship, religion and magic

Socio-cultural processes
Associative processes-cooperation, assimilation, acculturation

Dissociative processes
  • Competition¬†and conflict
  • Social change-Theories of Social Change

Factors and social change
Geographical biological, economical and technological

Social Control
  • Meaning and agencies of social control
  • Communities - Rural and urban
  • Problems of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and constitutional provisions
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