PSC Chhattisgarh Prelims - Geology Syllabus

Updated on: Apr 2, 2013
The syllabus of Geology of PSC Chhattisgarh Prelim Exam is given in this section.


Physical Geology
- Origin, structure and age of the Earth, Geological process, hypogene and epigene , processes of weathering , lithosphere and its constituents, volcanoes, earthquakes, geosynclines and mountain, continental drift.

Geomorphology - basic concepts of geomorphology and typical landforms.

Structural and field Geology - Dip and strike Clinometer compass and its use. Folds. faults, joints and unconformities their description, classification and recognition in the field. Effect of folds and faults on outcrops Outliers and inliers.


Crystallography - Elements of crystal symmetry and forms. Laws of crystallography, Crystal systems and holohedral classes, Crystal habit and twinning -

- Principles of optics, refractive index birefringence, pleochroism and extinction. Uses of simple polarising microscope. Physical chemical and optical properties of minerals Study of the more common rock forming minerals, feldspars, quartz, amphiboles, pyroxenes, chlorites, micas, garnets, carbonates.

Economic Geology - Outline of process of formation of ore deposits, origin, mode of occurrence and distribution in India and economic uses of the following minerals and ores : gold, iron, copper, manganese, aluminium, lead and zinc, coal, petroleum, mica.


Petrology -Classification of rocks. Forms, structures, textures and classification of igneous rocks common igneous rocks such as granite, syenite, diorite, babrro, dolerite, basalt, trachyte, andesite and rhyolite, their petrographic characters, Magna-its composition, constitution and differentiation.
Origin, classification, textural and mineralogical characters of sedimentary rocks, structures of sedimentary rocks, study of sandstone, conglomerate slate, limestone, breceia, tillite. Metamorphism -agents, kinds and grades of metamorphism, Classification, Structures and textures of metamorphic rocks, Study of schist, gneiss, marble amphibolite, charnockite, gondite khondalite.


Stratigraphy - Principles of stratigraphy, Chronological sub-divisions.Outlines of Indian Stratigraphy.

- Fossils, their nature, mode of preservation and uses.Study of important genera of invertebrates and plants fossiles e.g. brachiopods, gastropods lame lubranchs. ammonities, corals, trilobites and echinoides : Gondwana flora.
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