PSC Chhattisgarh Prelims - Criminology And Forensic Science Syllabus

Updated on: Apr 2, 2013
The syllabus of Criminology And Forensic Science of PSC Chhattisgarh Preliminary Exam is given in this section.
  1. Criminal law and its Feature.
  2. Criminology Definitions, scopes,
  3. Crimino -biological theories, crimes Psychological theories and Criminal Sociology
  4. Penology/Correction.
  5. Punishment : Definitions functions and types.
  6. Institutional methods and Non-institutional methods
  7. Victimology and victim typologies
  8. Newer crimes
  9. Crime prevention.
  10. Police Organization at District, State and National Level
  11. Qualities of successful investigator
  12. First Information Report.
  13. Investigation in Cognizable offenses : Burglary, Murder, Hit and run cases.
  14. Sketching and photography at scene of crime.
  15. Interview of Witnesses
  16. Forensic. Science : Definition and scope
  17. Organisation of Forensic Science Laboratories.
  18. Finger Print Bureau Classification of finger prints,
  19. M.O.B
  20. Circumstantial evidence : its collection, presevation packing and forwarding.
  21. Elementary idea of examinations and analysis of Blood, Semen, Soil, glass, paint , ink , hair, fire arms, bullets and shell cases.
  22. Different types of wounds and their characteristics.
  23. Post mortem changes
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