PSC Chhattisgarh Mains - Psychology Syllabus

Updated on: Apr 2, 2013
Syllabus for Psychology PSC Mains Chhattisgarh is presented in this section.


General and experimental Psychology :
  1. Nature and subject matter of psychology-Psychology as a science : special problems in the study of behaviour, methodological approaches; laboratory experiments, field experiments and survey.
  2. Receptor, effector and adjustor system , Structure and functions of brains, electiecal activity of brain.
  3. Endocrine system - Its role in physical growth, emotional activity and personalilty make -up.
  4. Heredity and environment - Experimental evidence of learning and maturation , Sensory and environmental deprivation.
  5. Motivation and emotion-Nature of motives, experimental study of drives, measurement of human motivation; achievement, n' -affiliation, n' -approval, n'- power, meta-motivation, Emotion -nature and theories of emotion, role of cognitive factors in emotional reactions.
  6. Psychophysics and psychophysical methods-Methods of Classical psychophysics; method's of average error, minimum change, constant stimuli and paired comparison, application of psycho-physical methods.
  7. Sensory and perceptual processes - Perception of colour, form, movement and depth , central determinants of perception, effects of learning , context, and contrast on perception, illusions, 'Phi' phenomenon, figural after effect.
  8. Learning- Classical and instrumental conditioning. Phenomena of extinction, discrimination,and generaliazation. theories of leaning : Hull, Skinner; Guthrie, Tolman; Verbal learning procedures and organisational processes in verbal learning.
  9. Remembering and Forgetting -theories; shorts term retention, reminiscence, transfer of training.
  10. Thinking and problem solveing-nature of thinking. methods and tasks used in the study of thinking 'Set' as a factor in problem solving.
  11. intelligence and creativity-theories of intelligence; Spearman, Thurstone. Guilford, Piaget. Measurement of inelligence; Issues in racial and cultural differences in intelligence, concept and measurement of creativity, relationship between creativity and intelligence.


Applications of Psychology

          I. Social Psychology :

  1. Social perception : Socio-cultural factors , prejudice and stereotypes, person perception, interpersonal attraction.
  2. Attitude : nature and development , attitude change-theories of change; measurement of attitudes.
  3. Group Dynamics : structure and functions of groups, group norms and morale, conformity and congruence, emergence of effective leadership.

    II. Educational Psychology and Guidance :

  4. Factors influencing school achievement , motivation and learning processes in school setting, teacher effectiveness in classroom, assessment of scholastic achievement.
  5. Educational and Vocational Guidance : it's need and scope steps in a guidance programme, psychological testing in guidance, organizing guidance programmes in schools and colleges; problems of exceptional children.

    III . Industrial and organizational Psychology :

  6. Psychology in industry, personnel selection. industrial relations, job-attitude and job satisfaction, industrial safety and accident , assessment of performance, factors affecting consumer behaviour.
  7. Psychology in organizational setting. Organizational climate, Organizational leadership, motivation and morale.

    IV Clinical and counseling Psychology :

  8. Nature and development of clinical psychology, diagnostic procedures interviews; diagnostic and therapeutic, client-Clinician relationship.
  9. Psychotherapeutic methods: Psychoanalytic, behaviour therapies, humanistic therapy, group therapies, medical therapies, personal counselling , mental hygiene.

    V. Culture and Personality :

  10. Nature and theories of personality-Allport, Maslowl Kurt lewin, Rogers and Eriksen : assessment of personality problems, issues and techniques-objective and projective .
  11. Social and cultural determinant of personality ; effect of cultural differences on personality development, technological advancement and personality change.
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