Syllabus of General Studies Paper I PSC Mains Chhattisgarh

Updated on: Apr 2, 2013
The syllabus of General Studies Paper I is presented in this section.

General Studies Paper - I

General Studies
  • Indian Culture: Nature and Characteristics - It will cover information regarding value system of different cultural religious groups existing in India.
  • Indian History from the middle of 19th Century till Independence - Questions will be based on the Revolt of 1857, Moderates and Extremists in the Indian National congress, revolutionary, tribal, peasant and non-violent movements.
  • Current events of National and International importance - It will cover information on the events of national importance like coalition government system, economic liberalization, pressure groups and regional extremism and separatist movements and Naxalism. In international field impact of unipolarsystem on world politique and impact of globalization on the socio-economic conditions of developing countries.
  • Constitution of India, political system and Indian Administrative system - Questions should be based on salient features of Indian constitution, multiparty and regional political systems and administrative decentralization.
  • Main features of Indian Economy - Information regarding economic planning, industrialization, investment of foreign capital and thier impact on employment opportunities and condition of labour is expected.
  • Geography of India: Main features - Elementary Knowledge about impact of india's physical features, climate, rivers, seas and mountains on human settlements and occupation is required.
  • The role of Science and Technology in the Development of India - Information reagarding india's achievements in the fields of transport, communication, information technology, computer and electronics media and space.
  • Indian agriculture and its role in rural economy - Candidates are expected to study Green Revolution, White Revolution, Mechanization of agriculture and animal husbandry and their effect on rural life.
  • Sports - Questions Shall be based on major national tournaments and india's place in international sports and games.
  • General Principles of Science, important scientific inventions and progress of India in scientific field - it will cover information on aspects stated above.

General introduction of Chhattisgarh

  • Geographical Location - Borders and extent of Chhattisgarh, physical features, drainage, climate and natural regions
  • Human Resources - Districtwise distribution of population and density, sex ratio, religious, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe groups, literacy and education, occupational structure, labour migration, birth and death rate, urban and rural population ratio, economic planning
  • Natural Resources - Minerals, Forest and wild life, regional distribution of crops, planned development of agriculture, Green Revolution, development of livestock, major rivers, dams and irrigation projects
  • Energy Resources -Conventional and Non-Conventional
  • Industries - Large, Medium and Small industries, Cottage industries
  • Education - Universities, Engineering and Medical colleges, Technical institutions, Status of primary and secondary education
  • Transport and Communications - Railways, roads and air transport, Radio, Television, Telephone and Mobile services
  • Environment and its protection
  • Administrative Structure - Governor, Legislative Assembly, Cabinet, District, Tahsil, Block Development, Panchayati Raj And Urban Administration
  • Sports and Games

History and Culture of Chhattisgarh

  • Ancient History - Condition of Chhattisgarh from Vedic age to Gupta period, Major dynasties like Rajarshitulyakula, Nala Dynasty, Sharabhpuriyas, Pandu Dynasty, Somavanshis etc.
  • Kalchuri and Maratha Periods - Important Kalchuri kings, Kalchuri Administration, important Maratha Administrators, maratha Administration
  • Freedom Struggle - Revolt of 1857, Political Consciousness, Non-Cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement, Quit India Movement, Attainment of independence and Formation of Chhattisgarh State
  • Major Archaeological and Tourist centers- Bhoramdev, Malhar, Dipadih, Sirpur, Rajim, Shivrinarayan, Tala, Chitrakot, Barnawapara, Barasur etc
  • Language and Literature - Various dialects of Chhattisgarh and their grammatical forms, oral and written folk literature, Chhattisgarhi literature and important¬†litterateurs
  • Music and Dance - Major styles of folk music, major folk dances, tribal dances

Fairs and Festivals

  • Fine Arts and Theatre - Major folk theaters, Folk painting and important painters, Modern painting and important painters
  • Activities of government of Chhattisgarh in the field of culture - Various institutions established in the field of literature, music and fine arts.Awards established by the Chhattisgarh Govt. in the above field. Important cultural festivals
  • Tribes of Chhattisgarh
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